Push Pull Cable End Fittings

Any combination of the end fittings (shown) are available. All exposed fittings/parts are stainless steel.

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Cable construction options include utility, marine, low friction, and high temparature grade, with standard threaded or bulk head end fittings.

Push pull cable end fittings. From the installation mounting requirements, determine the type of end fittings required for each end. Cma’s wide variety of core wire, conduit, conduit fittings, clamps and accessories offer many design options for the creation of custom cable control assemblies. Joystick cable for hydraulic valves remote push pull control.

Determine the travel of the end rod. Pair these cables with a knob or lever (not included) to operate valves, throttle controls, and hvac damper controls from a distance. In addition to aircraft cable fittings, steel cable end fittings, wire rope threaded end fittings and cable lanyards are available.

T = threaded g = grooved tt, gg or tg combinations step 4: Determine the type of conduit end fittings (conduit caps) for left end and right end. The “push” cable is a misnomer as the push cable also pulls.

Lexco cable manufactures a wide range of push pull controls for remote access latch releases, safety breaks, automotive hood releases, gaming industry applications, and myriad other uses. Lexco’s wire rope and aircraft cable end fittings are manufactured with varying load capacities, including models that will hold to the cable’s or wire rope’s nominal break strength. For a larger version go to series 440

To connect these cables, anchor them on both ends through a panel or bulkhead using the included nuts. Cma’s wide variety of core wire, conduit, conduit fittings, clamps and accessories offer many design options for the creation of custom cable control assemblies. When you relax your pull, springs in your component pull the cable back.

A push/pull throttle cable is an upgrade to the old standard single throttle cable linkage. Each of our cables is made out of conduits and cores, with fittings for each. 1” through 6” in one inch increments.

Our push pull cable controls are built with superior performance and durability in mind. Push pull cable assembly end fittings are essential to properly securing the assembly to a mount. Similar to the brake cable on a bicycle, these cables exert pulling force so you can control components such as latches, release valves, and brakes.

When one end is compressed, the cable uses tension to reflect that change at the other end. Length of the cable, control resistance and operating conditions help determine cable size. All push pull cable designs have some lost motion referred to as “backlash” and is a product of the.

Conduits shown within this cable conduit and fittings push pull assemblies section are available on complete assemblies. Accessories wescon's accessories offer a wide variety of end teminations and mounting variations. Solid wire cores can be formed on the ends to eliminate the need to apply separate fittings or terminations.

Please see those sections of this web site for dimensional information for those fittings. Determine the overall length of the cable in one inch increments. We usually achieve this through the use of threaded bolts and nuts or the use of a snap ring.

An internal metal sleeve provides 360° emi shielding. Designed for long runs with complicated cable routing while being extremely efficient on shorter runs. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance.

They have a steel core, but they’re flexible so you can weave them. The throttle grip works on the carburettors when twisting/throttling up and when releasing/throttling down. Pull pull cables design considerations fittings conduit specifications online catalog control cable / cable end fittings.

Details of these are shown on page 165. Establish the required length of the control from the previously prepared sketch or by. Our cable casings are constructed from galvanized steel, galvanized steel/hdpe lining, and nylon.

Push pull control cables are used in applications that require the transmission of forces in both the push and pull mode of operation.

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