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Take a look at the picture above where we compared the size of a passive and an active thunderbolt 3 cable connectors from belkin. Is there any concern about cables longer than.8m?

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These premium quality cables are manufactured to the highest standard to deliver the incredible power of thunderbolt technology, with models supporting data transfer speeds up to 40gb/s and power delivery up to 100w and long cable runs.

Longer thunderbolt 3 cable. I upgraded from the smaller belkin cable, which was super finicky and would only work in one of my 4 thunderbolt ports on the 2018 15 mbp. The first reason comes down to length, as cables like these tend to get much more expensive the longer they are but still promising support for the maximum 40gbps thunderbolt 3 rate. Unless they are rebranded belkin/cable matters cables, which wouldn't be good news (their longer versions are not recommended).

Like almost all other cables, this too is of thunderbolt certified standard and boasts a data transfer speed up to 40 gbps between compatible devices. It allows this cable to have the best of all three worlds, thunderbolt 3 speeds up to 40 gbit/sec, usb 3.1 speeds up to 10 gbit/sec, and full 100w of power. The power output for charging is also the same as other cables, which is 100w.

Apple is suppose to release one that's 3m long (it was mentioned in og tech spec accessories), but somehow that didn't happen. Crondero january 2, 2019, 7:04pm #1. Please order 1 meter thunderbolt 3 40g 5a active cable (lenovo part number:

The thunderbolt 3 standard has been available for roughly four. The main reason i wanted a longer cable, was to get the usb ports closer to me and where my peripherals reside. Is plugable looking to release a 2 meter 40gb cable in the near future?

However, on the apple site the belkin cable refers to 5a and thunderbolt certified. The belkin thunderbolt 3 cable is a fantastic choice for anybody on the hunt to upgrade their existing thunderbolt 3 cable. But here’s the important question:

I cannot find any cable longer than 2m being offered for sale anywhere. Also with a longer cable, you lose potential speed (drobo filled with hdd would perform anyway around 10gb/s, ssd would be faster). As there aren't really a ton of thunderbolt 3 docking station options, here's what i did which has improved the usability for me:

Otherwise, thunderbolt 3 adapter to thunderbolt 2 and tb2 optical cable could be taken into a consideration allowing you to have dozens of meters long cable. Startech is now selling thunderbolt 3 active cables that can do 40 gbps up to 2 meters. suggest you try that cable.

For 1m (3.2 ft.) or longer cables, thunderbolt 3 supports passive (cheaper) ones that have a top speed of 20gbps, and active cables (more expensive) that retain the 40gbps speed. There is an alternative to copper cables that allows for longer cable lengths, and. Currently the longest thunderbolt 3 cable you can buy is 2 meters.

I'm actually pretty impressed, as far as i'm aware this is the first cable of its kind to reach 0.8 meters and it does it without being super bulky at the end. Are you looking for a longer thunderbolt 3 cable? Monoprice recently released 40gb 1 and 2 meter 100w charge capable thunderbolt 3 cables.

However, longer cables such as caldigit’s 2m active cables require technology within the cable that provides maximum stability over longer lengths. Active cables have circuitry built into the cable to maintain signal integrity at longer distances and compensate for degradation that occurs when crossing the connectors, hence the improvement. The obvious downside is the price.

Welcome to lenovo community forums. The price does not, however, rise significantly with cable length as the. While the monitors are flickering on and off the dock is detected then removed from the laptop.

If a longer thunderbolt 3 cable has the necessary electronics in it (is active), then there will not be any performance difference compared to passive 0.5 m cables. This is the case with caldigit’s 0.5m and 0.7m thunderbolt™ 3 cable. I bought a usb 3 powered hub.

If you want something that's even longer, you'll have to wait for corning to release their optical cable. Where i keep my laptop is about 6' from where i set. Longer thunderbolt 3 40gb cable compatibility.

I recently upgraded to a 5k monitor and needed a longer thunderbolt 3 cable, as my setup changes from time to time. I've already tried 2 of the same cables and have had similar issues with both, i haven't had any issues with the original cable that came with the dock or with a longer 2m passive thunderbolt 3 cable (20 gbps).

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