Cable Come Alongs Are Used To Move Loads

Move the handle back and forth until the device rewinds the cable on the central wheel. Used to move loads horizontally for short distances.

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12 feet and 7 inches long if single line and 7 feet and 3 inches long if used as a double line.

Cable come alongs are used to move loads. Wire rope is usually used on these tools, and this is wrapped around a drum. Remember, though, that a rolling car evaluates much less compared to you ‘d assume yet one with the auto parking break on or pulling one laterally is outright deadweight. A number of us utilize them to move cars and trucks about as well as other really heavy things.

If you need to move large, heavy loads, then look for something with a greater weight capacity. A come along winch is a hand operated device that utilizes a ratchet in order to pull objects. Use a come along by extending the cable to its full length, attaching one end to a stationary object and the other to the load.

In the bad old days of steam donkey engine logging, setting choker was one of. There are many manufacturers of […] Securely hook the chain hoist to the ceiling or overhead beam to lift.

3/6 inch cable that is made by aircraft grade braided steel. People who have to move heavy timber will find it very useful. • once the connections are.

Vertically for short ground distances. For dead loads only, not intended for lifting. The weakest point of come along winch is the cable which is used.

The other end is connected to the object to be moved. A cable stretches substantially before it breaks, and that stored energy makes a thin piece of steel move very fast. Shop winches & accessories and a variety of hardware products online at

Handle and frame of the come along winch are constructed with high quality, stronger, cold rolled tempered steel. If it is not made for certain types of load, it is definitely going to snap very fast. The cable length is long enough for the convenience.

Used for pulling only, they cannot be used for any lifting applications. They can support up to 6 tons. Ideal for use in horizontal pulling applications such as positioning equipment, stringing of lines, and emergency rescue applications description:

Vertically for long overhead distances. 2,000 lbs (single line) or 4,000 lbs (double line) application: Horizontally for short ground distances.

This come along winch is one of those tools which is ideal for all conditions and all users. Below are our suggestions for the 4 best come along winches on the marketplace. A wire rope puller operates very similarly to a lever block except with wire rope instead of chain.

Its cable is a 0.25 inch aircraft grade steel cable; Come along’s are available in 1, 1.5 and 2t working loads. Find winches & accessories at lowe's today.

In other words, moving just about anything up to 2 tons. This will eliminate the chance of pushing the cable to its limit. This come along winch uses a 20’ rope that is 0.5 inches and can be used to recover vehicles, secure materials to trucks or trailers, handle logs and help you to pull stumps from the ground, helps you to move boats and trailers, transport heavy items of furniture like large appliances or pianos, and to clear debris from your property.

To continue to move the load, extend the cable again and move the stationary end to a new anchor point. A come along winch is a handy tool for desperate situations. Our top pick of the best come along winches on the market has to be this tekton 5547 power puller.

2,000 lbs (single line) or 4,000 lbs (double line) application: The cable wire has a galvanized finish and that can be extended up to 12’ to pull your loads. It’s a hand operated winch with a ratchet and is used to pull objects.

The heavy duty ratcheting cable winch puller is designed for single or double line operation. Pulling cable is connected to an attachment accessory on the load, such as a sling or eyebolt (see figure 5 for examples). It has an extensive range of pulling weight, so both light and heavy users can use it.

So before you purchase any puller, ensure that you know the load maximum rate for it. To release the cable from the reel, make sure the mechanism is in a neutral position. Ideal for use in horizontal pulling applications such as positioning equipment, stringing of lines, and emergency rescue applications description:

From getting your car out of a tricky situation to removing tree stumps from backyard, it has multiple applications. A joint made by fastening together usually perpendicular parts with ends cut at an angle. The original come along was first developed around 1919, and was made commercially available in about 1946.

Horizontally for long overhead distances.

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