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Why would my positive battery cable and clamps get so hot you cant even touch them, the rubber insulation is getting so hot its on the verge of melting. 4.0 out of 5 stars 12.

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A bad or loose cable connection can cause it to get hot.

Positive battery cable hot. If this cable is very thin, then it can not withstand the current that go through it. Bad starter bushings will cause too much voltage draw when operating the starter resulting in hot starter windings and battery cables. You most certainly blew the mega fuse on the back too so your alternator would not be charging the battery either.

That is the only way that much current would be going through that cable. Positive battery terminal burning hot may 11 2019, 10:05pm clean up that terminal and the other end as well, inspect the cable, you could have some internal corrosion at the ends or along the length if the casing has any cut.s Test the positive battery cable by connecting the red lead from the multimeter to the positive battery terminal.

The symptoms of a failing battery cable will present in what we like to call a cascading fashion. I found that the end of the wire had turned turquoise with the copper corroding, until the wire was no more. Connect the black lead of the multimeter to the engine starter's positive terminal.

Have your helper crank the engine and note the reading on the meter before the engine starts. Once the positive cable is disconnected from the battery, the battery will be completely disconnected and may be removed. I have yet to see one of these giant fuses blow.

If this is the case, secure the cable firmly just like how you did when establishing the connection for the first time. Secondly, we use the best quality terminals and ends. Too high current make cable go hot.

If the positive cable was hot enough were you burned your hand touching it, i am 100% confident you have a short on that cable somewhere. The positive battery cable gets red hot and is turning black from the overheating and smoking. Because the negative cable is the one most often disconnected while working under the hood of a car, the positive one may by slightly more difficult to remove.

Iow, put the positive probe on pos terminal, and negative probe on neg terminal, and you'll read a positive voltage. Check a battery with a voltmeter and you'll see positive and negative are marked correctly. That’s just a fancy way of saying that they will generally happen in a specific order.

Lights(interior/exterior) come on and stay lit like the battery has a charge, but there is generally one click and nothing else in. A car battery can give out 100 ampere easily for a short period of time. — the battery will be marked [get a flashlight] the cable usually is marked or color.

The meter should read close to zero, and any reading of. Our battery cable is american made and comes in gauge (awg) sizes of 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0, with 6 gauge being the smallest, and 4/0 gauge being the largest. To replace the positive battery cable on the starter, follow the steps below.

Jack up the front of the car and support the vehicle with two jack stands which are rated to safely support the weight of the vehicle. Instead i found a loose connection. The positive battery cable on these general motors trucks includes the 175 amp mega fuse.

Ensure that the connection is intact and has not come undone or become loose. May be a loose connection in the cable ends or possibly the cable has deteriorated along the cable somewhere. Jul 12, 2011 739 32 39.

Although the fuse itself isn't the problem the connections to it are. In addition to the larger 8ga wire leading from the positive battery terminal, there is a secondary wire, maybe 16ga, with a fuse connected to it. Symptoms of a failing battery cable.

Battery cable is used to power your electrical system and is sized according to the american wire gauge, or awg for short, specification for electrically conductive cables. Bad connections build resistance and resistance to current flow builds heat. Red hot positive battery cable.

A weak battery that barely turns the motor over will fry the starter windings and make for hot battery cables. Place wheel chocks behind each rear tire. Note the size difference between the parts store cable and the 2/0 gauge custom battery cables cable.

Sometimes the cable still looks good but inside the copper will. Somewhere there is too much resistance in the cable. Another reason that your battery wire is getting overheated is its resistance.

The positive side of the battery cable is directly connected to the starter motor so there is a possibility that the motor is shorted.see also if the wire is touching the ground. Start date jul 31, 2011; First, i inspected the fuse to verify it wasn't open or intermittent with a voltmeter while wiggling it.

The car will not start, yet i had it the battery charged and it cranked right up. Your cables could be getting hot for a couple of reasons. The charger is also connected directly to the motor though the wire is somewhat smaller than the battery cable, it is best to check it also.

If you have a bad connection on either the positive or negative cables the one with the bad connection will get hot when trying to carry current while cranking the engine. Not having any tools in the truck, i had to go back inside, buy a small spool of wire, a. It is a new battery, cable, and lead.

Interchange the probes and you'll read a negative voltage, indicating the probes are hooked in reverse. Get it as soon as wed, nov 25. You can get dvms (digital volt meters) for $3 on aliexpress, or harbor freight.

The red cable if there is no red cable usuallly the thicker cable is positive if that does not work look under your vehicle for the starter and fallow the thick wire back to your battery and that. Jul 31, 2011 #1 i was driving then turned the car off then 5 mins later tried to turn it back on and it wouldnt. A bad ground ( too much resistance ) will cause hot wires.

It will usually start with: The car seemed fine, i only noticed it because i needed to borrow the battery for a different volvo and that car ran it fine. Get it as soon as wed, nov 18.

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