Monster Guitar Cable Vs Mogami

While everybody seems to hate monster, there is a lot of love for planet wave cables that i simply cannot understand: The monster is noticeably damped in the highs.

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I'll cut to the chase and say that i'm probably going to.

Monster guitar cable vs mogami. Our gear expert is a former guitar chain store manager we will call ‘ryan’, who compared mogami, monster, and a good quality standard music store cable. Open quick view dialog for mogami guitar cable straight to right angle { incheckoutpromo:[] } mogami guitar cable straight to right angle. Most studios don't use monster, because the difference in price is more due to the cost of marketing, than quality of cable.

I can give you one hint, stay away from very cheap cables & monster guitar & monster bass cables & you should be fine. While it usually suffices for most to leave it at “hey, don’t do that,” a little understanding never hurts. 4.5 of 5 stars (28) reviews.

I have both, the monster cable seems like it would take more abuse and be less likely to fail, but having a failed cable (assuming i have a backup for a gig) wouldn't be. Thus they manufacture cables optimized for bass, guitar, keyboards and more (they even make some distinctions for musical style). Both were better sounding than the roadhog (a music store 'house' cable for $14.99).

Mogami also makes microphone cables for live stage performances and studio recordings as well as cables for powered speakers, dj equipment, headphones and ipod®/mp3 players. A friend and i both heard a difference between a monster guitar cable and one i made myself using mogami 2524 with neutrik ends. Mogami ~vs~ monster cables discussion in '.

In your experience, is the monster cable instrument cable worth it? That's how i justify investing $100 on a cable. I suspect it would be measurable.

The mogami cables have a lifetime warranty, meaning if one goes bad, walk into the nearest mogami dealer (guitar center in my area), and walk out w/ a brand new cable! Further, some companies (monster cable for one) claim there is a difference in performance between cables used for different tasks. Never tried mogami, but monster for me.

Compare compare now site51363737967149754105 1500000053932. Guitar cables and speaker cables are two different kinds of cable designed for two very different purposes. Mogami ~vs~ monster cables discussion in 'amps and cabs [bg]' started by g4string, oct 10, 2006.

Perhaps increased capacitance in the monster?. I think most comment about monster are made by people who never had a monster cable in the first place and just read something on the internet. Also, i have a hard time imagining a client using a studio because it has monster.

The mogami gold 10ft guitar/instrument cable is also a stand out product of the mogami company and has the best signal transferring abilities that are nowhere to be found in a most of the other cables of a similar sort. Mogami bulk cable, patch cable, recording. You probably know that guitar cords and speaker cables aren’t interchangeable, but you probably don’t know why.

I realize it would have been better to shoot out the same cable length for a true comparison, but hey, side shootout for comparing cable lengths! Mogami is the most respected cable for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and cable for keyboards and pedals. The mogami silent plug platinum guitar cable is worth every cent spent in the pops, bangs, and hisses it cures.

First, they offer extremely low handling noise. I don't know about the distribution channels of cable in europe, but mogami, canare, and belden are usually the top contenders in the u.s. From from price $ 27.99 msrp:,lowprice:27.99.

It was pretty clear and easy to discern a difference between each cable. Mogami (10 feet) monster rock (12 feet) livewire (15 feet) side note: Not open for further replies.

“i tested the mogami gold vs the monster rock. I like mogami with neutrik connectors, also like george l's which sounded pretty much identical to mogami, but did not like their connectors & the way cable felt. It will likely have amps rolled over it, beer spilled on it, and end up a crumpled mess because the sound guy never learned how to coil a cable properly.

A live cable will need to be built for durability. Anyways, here are the top models i recommend: These are incorporated in their custom shop, where you get to select your ideal length, cable, connectors, and color, and you can choose between regular and braided sheathing.

Monster or monster cable products, inc is a company that was founded by noel lee in the year 1979. Because if you’ve ever had a cable go bad, you know how difficult it can be to even diagnose the problem. Different connection paths (mic > cable > snake > pre, mic > cable > pre) tested running them together (mogami > monster, monster>mogami).

Companies like mogami and monster build their cables to be more durable and last longer. For the record, i ran across this thread and did some blind tests with some monster and mogami xlrs. I went back to my 100% mogami cable setup and everything is quiet again.

There are five major reasons why audio professionals trust their sound to mogami platinum cables. I bought a second, more expensive evidence audio cable with “silent plug” technology — turns out the evidence audio cables are quite noisy! For them and was disappointed when i could not hear any difference between the monster cables and average price guitar cords like my excalibur cable purchased many years ago for about $20.

We tested two pair of 20' cables (that is, two monster and two mogami) mic preamp was an api 312. Looking at guitar center, they've got your monster cables and live wire cables, both guaranteed for life.

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