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Please verify your shipping address listed prior to purchasing. One is an 850w g2 and the other is a 750w p2.

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Modular power supply cables interchangeable. Are modular psu cables, interchangeable?. There's a reason why there's a huge warning on corsair power supplies to not use the hx cables with ax power supplies, and to not use ax650/750/850 cables with the. To help decide which cables will work with your corsair modular power supply, we’ve assembled the chart below.

So, to save me some time in waiting for a replacement, i finished the build with a 750w supply borrowed from a. I was replacing a psu and all my modular cables were neatly cabled in, and i thought i could just stick the current ones into the new psu. So i'm thinking of getting a new one, but i wonder if the modular cables follow a standard.

Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by. I currently have an ax850 in my system and i am contemplating upgrading to sli 780's in the very near future which is going to most likely require me to get a bigger psu. Are the modular cables that come with each power supply physically and electrically compatible with the other?

The psu outputs (pinouts) are where the differences are mfg continue to make power supplies that have different positions for the different voltages and grounds on their pinouts the cables correct /adapt the psu pinout to fit the standards used on the hardware end of the cables i am willing to bet that mfg all use the standard modular plugs for their psu outputs for the economy of standard. Seasonic modular psu power supply cables shipping. A modular unit is a computer power supply where some (or all) of its power cables and connectors can be detached and removed.

Get it as soon as sat, dec 5. I am considering getting the ax1200i and. It's a real shame but there is no universal standard for modular power connectors.

Seasonic’s warranty prescribes that customers connect their cables according to the intended usage of the power supply. Modular power cables , and pinning on the psu side are not interchangeable, generally. Modular power supplies give users the benefit of only plugging in the cables essential to powering their systems.

Gotta be careful with those things. You cannot pair seasonic power connectors with corsair power supplies). I'm in the middle of doing a new system build, and have had some trouble with my 1000w supply.

No, modular cables are not interchangeable across units most of the times. Modular power cables are not interchangeable across different brands and manufacturers in general (e.g. I have recently been in receipt of a gtx 1070, a nice little upgrade over my gtx 660 ( i know, but it works well ).

As a result, it is crucial to use the correct cables. Of the three supernova power supplies i own, i want to switch two of them. So when i received it i used my multimeter on a known ground from molex plug to confirm i was getting 12v and ground where i was supposed to.

Had a question i was curious about regarding modular psu cables. The component end of the cable is standardized to industry specifications, while the power supply end varies per brand. Sometimes, for instance, different units of the same brand may have compatible modular cables, but most of the time it's a no.

I do not add any additional fees to shipping costs and do. And while a power supply looks like a big mess of cables to the untrained eye, there's only a few types of pc power connectors that you'll need to know when connecting a power supply. I bought a second cpu cable for my dual socket motherboard and my semi modular psu.

Shipping options and expexted delivery dates are posted in the shipping and payments tab above in this listing. The cable wasn't listed as one for this power supply but used the same plugs. Since sata and molex power connectors do not have clips, be sure to insert them firmly so that they won't come loose or get disconnected.

Not only can users choose to install only the cables they need, but they can add new cables with different connector configurations or customize the appearance of their pc with different color combinations. Modular power supply cables are not swappable between different units. Having that second option can be helpful in a heavily overclocked cpu or a dual cpu setup.

If you were to stick a modular connector in a psu that's not compatible with it, the psu should shut off from short circuit protection when it. Using the wrong cable could be a very expensive mistake. However, not all power supply cables are interchangeable.

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