Hide Cable Box Tv Above Fireplace

The 3 biggest remote tech options are: So my husband used the space behind the panel door to put our cable box in.

How to Hide the Cable Box Hide cable box, Tv over

Not sure what tvs do this but there is a cable called an hdmi.

Hide cable box tv above fireplace. We are moving to a newly constructed home and the family tv is supposed to go on the wall above the gas fireplace in the family room (cable hookup is there already). This is a device that plugs into the cable box on one side and has a small “eye” on the other side that your remote. The sound for the cable is sent to our vizio sound bar and is connected by a y adapter to rca cables.

I'm not skilled enough to drill holes. What type of technology is your cable box using? Since we mounted the tv above the fireplace, i had to figure out how to hide the cable box.

I have similar set up as robin2007. Install sliding doors to hide in your television when not in used and to keep the warm ambiance of the living room. How to hide cables and wires.

A flat panel tv above your fireplace is very cool until you try and hide the cables. Wall shelf for cable box. You can still push it back against the wall for neatness, but you can equally pull it out to the most comfortable viewing angle.

But, back to the tv part, because the only place one, was over the fireplace. It’s more function than form and stuff. Tv above gas fireplace ideas.

Sliding door idea to hide a tv over the fireplace. The first point that has to be addressed to answer this: If there's nowhere to hide your cable box, you can choose to put it in a nearby cabinet or closet and send the video signal and ir commands with a wireless hdmi kit.

We then had a cable company install a cable receptacle on the wall directly to the left of the brick fireplace. Tv wall family room cable box hide cords tv above fireplace cable tv fireplace makeover. For over a year now we have had our cable box, dvd player, and appletv sitting on a shelf to the right of our fireplace.

Only mount a tv above a fireplace if temperatures in that spot do not surpass 100 degrees fahrenheit. If you live in a newer house or townhouse and plan to mount your tv over gas fireplace on the main floor and if your basement is unfinished, then wires can be fished from the wall above the fireplace, down to the basement and then fish the wires back up to the main floor through a wall and come out where your components. Send video from across the room.

Maybe consider mounting the tv on a pivoting arm at a lower level. We then purchased an ir (or infrared) receiver kit*. Ideas for tv above fireplace.

You may have luck with a fireplace that produces less heat, features a deep mantel, and strong. For over a year now, it has driven me nuts!! Its major disadvantage is that the cables are not so easy to access under the trim work if you need to remove or add one in the future.

Our cable box is stored in our hall closet and connected to the tv by a 10 ft hdmi cord. Moving into a new home and trying to figure out what to do with cable box for tv mounted above fireplace. The fireplace prevents running the cables straight down the wall and the stud framing prevents running the cables laterally inside the wall.

When we got a new loveseat, the shelf made it impossible for someone to walk behind the loveseat. When we got a new loveseat, the shelf made it impossible for someone to walk behind the loveseat. Fishing cables in the wall over fireplace & through unfinished basement.

If i hide my cable box, will the remote control work? Stunning 23 ideas cable box. This is a separate input/output connection box that is used for the q7 and up range of samsung smart tv’s.

You can easily do this by placing the cable box behind the tv and have a friend try changing the channel most people find this works without issue. I was able to run my cable in wall as i was doing a fireplace remodel. Your television should be attached to the same altitude as you want to hang some pieces of art with the same dimension above your house fireplace.

If you’re in great doubt, do a bit of math: Bluetooth, radio frequency (rf), and infrared (ir). When we moved into this house we set up our internet connection in the easiest spot for the charter.

This rise in tvs over the fireplace trend has been mine for a while. If you're mounting a cable box we recommend you test your cable box for remote function. Treat the tv like an art:

For over a year now, it has driven me nuts!! This is our number one most frequently asked question, when people are looking to wall mount their cable box behind their tv. Read more about it here.

We all have things about houses we don’t like. Here are important tips about mounting your tv above the fireplace: Luckily, we already had an electrical outlet on a wall directly next to our fireplace (on the right, lower side of the brick fireplace).

The space was too crammed. Craning your neck to watch a tv that's above your natural seated eyeline will get very uncomfortable, very quickly. Mount tv to wall mount.

Powerbridge hides the ugly cords that connect to your tv from your devices like your cable box, dvd player or game system and provides electrical power connection for the tv safely and easily and out of reach from small children and pets. Where to put cable box for wall mounted tv above fireplace. All your components plug into the receiver.

If your fireplace is on an interior wall, you may be able to go up the wall, however, that doesn't work on exterior walls. Blend the sliding doors by painting it as the same color with the mantel and walls, this also lets the fireplace stand out on its own. Cue the sketch drama music.

This is not my actual home but similar. You then run the hdmi cable from tv to your receiver. Hide wires mounted tv above fireplace.

Remove discs from all devices. Gas fireplace key thing is down to right side and i have a small space to put cable box, xbox, and wii. It was time to move the cable box.

This cord is attached to the back of our tv and runs on the inside of our office closet to hall closet. Kendra hark saved to living room. It’s a great idea, you have one thin cable that connects to your tv which is less conspicuous than a bunch of hdmi cables, however, if you want to fix your television to the wall you will have to consider where this box is going to go.

Tips that you should know. But did something similar before that. Put your cable box behind your tv!

Perfect for a fireplace or outdoor tv mount. It can be a great solution when you want to hide tv wires over a fireplace. Depends on the height of the mantel — or if ever you do not have one, at the.

This is what i was thinking of, but wires seem shorter. The fireplace mantle is not deep enough to put a cable box on it, plus i don't think it would look so nice being front and center like that. First is our cable box.

Use a level and mark your holes.

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