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One of the main advantages of a compound bow is that it doesn’t have a steeper learning curve for beginners compared to traditional bow. String stops, limb pockets and cable rods/roller guards as well as your accessories.

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And maintenance of your new hoyt bow.

Roller cable guide compound bow. This roller helps the bow draw more smoothly and moves the bowstring away from an arrow to be fired. If the problem continues, the next step is to play with the spacers between the cams and the limbs along the axle. A cable slide will also reduce the noise created by the release of the string when firing.

Remove bow from shipping box. • rollerglide is the smoothest cable slide on the market • rolls with your cables to eliminate any unwanted friction • compatible with any bow with 3/8 cable rod and pse bows with flexxslide 1 and flexxslide 2 And length stayed the same.

90% of the time, this is the culprit. Installing a cable slide on the cable guard of your compound bow will help prevent the pulley cables from rubbing against each other and the bowstring and extend the life of both the bowstring and the pulley cables. Want a smooth, quiet draw?

The cable guard on a compound bow is the fiberglass rod which runs perpendicular from the riser towards the bowstring and works with cable slide to keep the cable(s) out of the arrow’s line of fire. Here is the results, on the ice gained about 5fps. On the rock draw increased i/4 wt.

It fits on the cable guard of most compound bows and helps reduce friction and slide chatter. Inspect the bow to insure that the cables and string are in their tracks on the cam and attached to. There are over 130 products listed here, so please scroll down or click page 2 at top or bottom of page.

A pair of cable rollers are rotatably retained upon the spindle to receive and guide the two runs of the tensioning cable. One big side benefit was cable wear disappered with the roller guard. Keep this manual as a handy guide for future reference.

The cable roller is a replacement of the cable guard / cable slide system and is found on many newer bows. Final findings were the more parallel the limbs the less effect the roller guard had. Read the owner’s guide before using the product.

It was an older model high country bow. Remove bow from plastic bag and remove the owner’s guide and other promotional material from the bow. These can all be common sources of vibration that get easily overlooked.

If the bow continues to make the noise after. However, the prior art cable guide roller is typically mounted to the riser with a cable guide roller arm or a cable guide bar with slider to distance the roller from the. Compatible with any compound bow with a 3/8 cable rod;

4.2 out of 5 stars 19. Provides a smooth, quiet draw; This versatile replacement slide reduces cable wear and helps keep strings quiet.

A web link has been included to give you some samples of cable guard rollers or guides. Life lessons learned in the field. Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon.

The cable slide blew apart. To do this, move the cable guard out, or slide the roller to the right. This allows adjustments and rest tuning without the risk of damage to the bow's cable.

The guide assembly includes a spindle having a central bore for receiving the bow mounted offset cable rod. The bone collector® cable slide was created using a delrin® material developed to eliminate cable slide chatter and decrease the wear on cables. On some bows the cables with a cable guide are located on the inside (arrow side) of the bow if there is enough arrow clearance.

Prior art compound bows can have a cable guide roller for the bowstring. Hoyt usa recommends that you take your bow to a hoyt authorized pro shop at least once a year for a yearly professional maintenance and inspection. Get it as soon as fri, dec 4.

A cable guide assembly for a compound bow is disclosed. Bow accessories (411) bags, cases & covers (59) arrow rests (49) bow sights & accessories (88) cable slides clickers (12) limb savers & sliencers (5) pressure buttons (8). Archery cable slide aluminium roller compound bow string splitter roller glide whole alloy.

This will create a little more lateral tension on the cables and pull the cams into a more erect position. Reduces friction and slide chatter; The web pictures that i have included shows the cables on the outside of the cable guard which is the correct position for your bow.

Increases were more so on the razor. Get it as soon as fri, dec 4. Areas to be inspected are axles, spacers,

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