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To qualify, you need to activate a quest 2 for the first time and use it with a link cable between today (see update) and january 31st, 2021. Originally discovered by uploadvr, players can access usb 2.0 link by opting into the rift public test channel via the official oculus desktop app.

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Oculus link is a new feature for facebook’s oculus quest standalone headset which allows it to act as a pc vr headset via any high quality usb 3.0 cable.

Oculus quest link cable reddit. This is something i loved: If you'd like to use oculus link to connect your quest to a pc, please start by reviewing the compatibility requirements. The official oculus link cable, of course, works to connect your oculus quest to your pc.

In order to get longer, fiber optics or active repeaters must be used. So, if you already own a quest headset, chances are you also have a compatible oculus link cable. But it won't be 5m long, able to charge the quest, and designed to be lightweight and durable for vr.

Quest + cable + pc = rift? You no longer need a $79 link cable to play pc games on an oculus quest by paul lilly 15 may 2020 you can now plug the oculus quest into your pc with a regular usb 2.0 cable. Make sure to download the oculus pc app first, and.

Play the best of both worlds with oculus link. You can purchase the oculus link cable from the oculus.com accessories page. Saints & sinners, these games can be played on the oculus quest — but you can only do it with a cable attached to your pc.

I followed up that purchase with an official $80 oculus link cable which just arrived today. However, this cable is expensive ($80) and is completely sold out. If you’re willing to buy an oculus rift only game like the smash hit asgard’s wrath or the walking dead:

Activate link connection on quest via settings menu or a dedicated popup. Fiber optics cables are more expensive. I've had a rift cv1 for a few years now and i've run every single game i've played maxed out at a steady 90fps.

That's pretty rough for a single cord, and is 20% of a oculus quest's msrp. Quests 2s hardware is much improved, so we will have to wait and see if they unlock the full bandwidth of oculus link. You can buy a cheaper cable.

Many would think, and even try to use, the cable that came bundled with the oculus quest, but sadly it was only meant to power and charge the quest. Getting a good cable to make the quest+link work was the first hurdle. This section will teach you how to set up your oculus quest and link cable text in bold are crucial parts of setting up link to play.

Oculus link cable specifications and recommendations. You must put your cable in a usb 3.0 port, they usually appear blue like the picture below, the black ones are usb 2.0 and won't. Select a quest 2 storage option.

Not doing them or not doing them correctly will result in oculus link not working. The problem with this idea is usb 3.0 extension cables can. This $80 cable is worth every penny to turn quest into a rift rival the official oculus link cable is pricey, but it's the only solution currently available that's long enough.

Connect the quest to the pc via a usb c cable; I run a gtx 2080, i9 9900k and 32gb. You don’t need any complicated setup, strange configurations and such.

Since oculus released the oculus link beta for oculus quest last year, it has released (as of march 2020) 14 versions of the software, each with its unique fixes but also new breaking bugs. Crossbuy rift/quest titles aren’t the only pcvr games you can play using oculus link. I recently bought a quest for portability and better tracking.

However, this cable is expensive ($80. Using extension cables can give you this same length. The quest isn’t actually capable of 5gbit even though the link cable is capable of transmitting at that.

Pay $0.00 $19.99 upon approval for the amazon prime rewards visa card. The video stream was only capable of around 150mbits limited by quests hardware. Simply launch the client, head to the “beta” tab located in the settings menu, and toggle the.

You just plug the usb cable, click “confirm” on a popup on the quest, and you have an oculus. Oculus link was recently updated to support the usb 2.0 cable that comes included with oculus quest, but you may need to opt into the beta version of the oculus desktop software. Luckily there's alternatives and you don't.

Despite oculus’ notes about the availability of 3 meter cables (which some consider short) most places only have cables. The oculus rift s cable is 5 meters, as is the upcoming official oculus link cable. We recommend using a usb 3 c to c with proven performance.

Upgrade your strap (standard head strap included) quest 2 elite strap. Oculus is now selling the oculus link cable and it comes in at a steep $80. Up until now, if you wanted to use your oculus quest with your pcvr machine via oculus link, you were forced to buy an additional usb 3.0 or above cable, or opt for oculus’ own fibre optic cable at an eye watering price of $80.

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