George L Cables Vs Lava

I used my george l's from just before strymon released the timeline (that the only way i remember when i got them) until 2 weeks ago and never had a single failure. Evo plugs and cable are compatible with disasterplugs, btpa solderless, and g&h b52n.

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Good although i found it particularly bright with my rig, highs slightly rolled off.

George l cables vs lava. They suck your high end. The evo cable also works great with george l’s plugs (right angle and straight.) due to tight tolerances in our plugs we don’t recommend using evo plugs with george l’s cable. Im just not sure which cable to get?

Is it worth it to drop the 80 dollars on them or just go with che. George l's cables and connectors are the industry's #1 in tonal transparency. 1 point · 4 years ago.

I've used both the lava tightrope and george l kits, and in my experience every george l cable i made worked correctly the first time. Apart from the tightrope kit being twenty bucks cheaper i can see none. When talking about quality cables, i can't find any tonal differences between them.

Lava cable ultramafi c 12' cable ($92 street) Easy to assemble, and alternate brand cables available from evidence audio (monorail) and bill lawrence, that fit the connectors. Crap cables vs good cables yes, but not good cables vs good cables.

Which should i go with? The good is that the result does work with connectors that allow close spacing of pedals. I accidentally forgot a 15 foot cable at my house once, and the one of the spares was a 12 foot monster rock.

I wasn't aware mogami made guitar cables. I would stay away from moster though. So i plugged that in.

The ones you make yourself are handy, you can make any length, and the low capacitance is cool. Post by jason41224 » thu apr 28, 2011 6:18 am ^yeah, i don't care much for their instrument cables at all, but i really dig the pedal kit. I dont know i just want to get th.

My standard go to cable. Can anyone elaborate if there is a difference between the lava tightrope kit and the lava pedal board kit. You know, i just realized that i had some old george l cables in a random cable box at my studio.

Along with other artists, ej helped this small scale guitar cable maker gain reach a wider audience, eventually making them one of the most sought after guitar cable brands. I called george l's directly to order a few more plugs and feet of cable and they were extremely accomodating and friendly and overall a far superior experience to what i had with lava. I only have experience with the george l cables, and i have also used some of the bill lawrence cable and plugs.

Lava has a similar solderless cable system; When it comes to gear, tone connoisseur and virtuoso eric johnson (ej) knows his stuff, and him using george l's is a big deal. However george l's also have this feature.

The only time i've noticed a difference is where i used the leftovers for guitar cables. Their right angle connectors are even smaller but i haven't used them. I have narrowed it down to three for my boards patch cables.

But i have had some issues with the jacks losing connection. Best $50 i've spent in a long time. Why not lava or george l's?

Have some solderless cables already? Planet waves aren't bad either. In my mind, they weren't so great and prone to buzzing.

The bad is that with all the steps to get the cable prepared and the connectors on you might as well solder cables. For those who find the.155 too thin, the.255 offers an identical sonic performance but with thicker and heavier cable. Mogami platinum 12' cable ($110 street).

The 2549 seems like it might be more durable (heavier jacket) so if you're worried about foot traffic or chairs rolling over cables or what not, i'd go for the 2549. I'm currently using fulltone cables that i'm really liking. Act 3581 larch lane jackson, mo 63755 phone:

Instead, lava cable plugs employ a sleeve that makes a 360 ground and outer jacket. I've used george l's, planet waves and live wire kits and this one is the most complex to use. Lava is the most expensive (18.95) mogami and george ls are 14.

The website lists the solderfree cables and the tightrope ones, but they convinently forgot to mention where the differences are. My board is really tidy and the sound quality is a lot improved from the live wire 3 inch patch cables i was using before. George l's are a little easier to make, but the lava's sound a little better to me.

I have used george l and lava, and find them both great to work with for pedalboards. George l’s.225 prepackaged 10' cables ($38 street). Lava are at a better price point than free my tone is.

I currently am using all lava on my board. I personally prefer lava cables since to me they have a less chance of ground issues. I know lots of people who like george l's.

I use george l ones. Seem to fail easier than lavas, when moving pedals around often. The low capacitance cable and solderless connectors, available in nickel,unplated brass and gold, are easy to replace on site with minimal hassle, and work great for effects patch cables when building your custom pedalboard.

They also save a lot of space like the two you mentioned. Never used them, but love their mic cables, so i bet they are very good. I was looking on the lava cable website and i saw that they carried different manufacturers of cable.

Warm, slight emphasis on bass & treble with a slight dip in the mids. They are roughly the same price. Browse george l's products and enjoy free shipping on thousands of george l's gear & 30 day returns.

Just buy some quality cable with neutrik or switchcraft connectors or make your own from those parts and be done with it.


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