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I set a max voltage of 1.3v, hwinfo64 gave me these after stress testing: It's designed to work that way but will be limited to the lower wattage provided by the 6 pin version of the cable.

US6.00 PCI Express Graphics Card Connector PC Power

Many pci express video cards which have the 6 pin or 8 pin pci express power cable still draw a substantial portion of their 12 volt load through the pci express slot.

8 pin pcie cable wattage. The only exception to the rule is psus with 6+2 pins connectors. The extra 4 pins doubled the current capacity of the 12 volt rail so that one is easy to overload when only using a 20 pin main power cable. 4.5 out of 5 stars 860.

The computer is not recognizing the card Some video cards come with the 8 pin pci express power connector to support higher wattage than the 6 pin pci express connectors. 24 inch 16awg 6 pin male to 8 pin (6+2) male pcie power cable for gpu video card eth ethereum mining.

Good catch vegan you are correct the mobo provides up to 75 watts through the pcie lanes, a 6 pin pcie plug is rated up to 75 watts, and an 8 pin pcie is rated up to 150 watts. The graphics card has an 8 pin female connection. 2 x male sata cable to 8 pin pcie graphics card power cable.

More buying choices $8.46 (14 new offers) 1.please check the specifications of your graphics card and psu for power requirements when to use this cable. There is nothing much we can do because of lack of connectors on the psu.

<p>the card’s tdp is rated at 120w. It's okay to plug a 6 pin pci express power cable into an 8 pin pci express connector. The wires aren't the problem, it's the pins.

A 6 pin pcie to 4 pin atx would be fine. In addition, a nice full appearance is showcased from the thicker. Get it as soon as tue, nov 10.

Design any possible pattern in our live cable configurator. 2x 8 pin (6+2) pcie male, 1x atx 8 pin male gauge: Free shipping on your first order shipped by amazon.

</p> <p>if you have any queries or doubts regarding graphics cards or their power consumption then feel free to ask me by leaving a comment below. It does not have a 6+2 connector. Ohh ok, can you explain why do you think two power supplies are better then one please?

Sata is rated for 1.5a per pin, so 3 x 12v = 54w (pcie max slot power is 75w). Thats even enough combined power for the rx 5700 xt which is rated at 225w. The units that have those both the 6 pin and 8 pin combinations are rated up to 150 watts.

If you want to, you can even connect both the 8 pin and 4 pin cpu connections, all it will do is farther increase the wattage that is available to the cpu (315 watts). From the above link & thread, it appears this 1060 card needs more wattage than my power supply gives. Cable used to convert older generation power supplies for newer graphics cards.

For most of the newer processors, even during extreme overclocking, ether connector would work fine. I have an xfx rx480 gtr be with a single 8 pin connector, modded with a 580 bios and a kraken g12. My power supply only has a 6 pin connector.

Atx 8 pin male to dual pcie 2x 8 pin (6+2) male cable*1pcs; Compatible with all high end video cards including: Recently i've bought a 2k monitor so i'm trying to oc the crap out of my gpu.

In this photo, you can see the extra set of unoccupied pins on the 1060. A pcie slot can provide 75w and an 8 pin can provide 150w. This graphics card is rated at 180 watts.

The 4 pin supplies 155 watts, and the 8 pin supplies 235 continuous watts. It currently has an 800w psu, and i will look to. Normally, 16 gauge wire is the standard for high wattage power supplies, but we use it among all applications for the safest results.

Core current max 184~a core power 231~w chip power 196~w Since most of the time the pair for the 4 pin comes from one pcie pin, again overloading the plug. Why did amd choose 8 pin + 6 pin for the reference card?

If you consider to use only 4 pins of the 8 pin (which is possible), you also have to consider the wiring of these crappy adapters. Why not single 8 pin?

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