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Window regulators are a track and linkage system inside the door panel that transfers power from the window motor to the bottom of the glass. High tension cable regulator this type of power window regulator is the most common one used in late model vehicles.

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You can see the type of regulator i have.

Window regulator cable tension. A window regulator is the mechanical assembly behind a door panel that’s responsible for moving a glass window up or down along a guided track. Test the window to see. When i was putting on 1.5 turns on the inside cable and running it to the bottom pulley, the cable towards the outside would unwind when i tried to crank the window up.

Hit the bolts out, pull out the tangled mess of cable, please note the orientation of the spool with the marker before lifting it up from the disc (if the disc is highly polished, it may be better to scratch, then mark the scratch). The wire will be all bent, straighten. This dorman oe fix replacement regulator incorporates cable tension springs to resist cable reel binding.

To do that, you’ll need to move the sill down so you can reach it with your sockets. It is very fast and reliable but not usually serviceable without the window motor. Somebody shoulld send this thread to porsche.

So, i’ve bought new cable and i’m struggling to fit it in the motor, to be more specific, i can’t seem to get the right tension. Discussion starter • #1 • jun 22, 2013. What's the procedure for loosening the cable tension to get it back on the last roller?

Lubricate the cable and pulley with light grease. Front window regulator window regulator, replacing note: The only way i could keep tension on the cable was by cranking down but the window was already at the down position.

Some regulators have an indicator to mark the point. This tends to drive up the cost of the overall repair when the regulator is defective but also makes replacement much easier. Two main designs of window regulators.

A window regulator cable directly lifts and lowers the glass. Tension the cable by moving the adjustable pulley. Many modern replacement windows are vinyl and run on a spring system.

Joined may 20, 2010 · 289 posts. The wire that is still mounted on the spool (which didn't. I’d like to know how to get that right tension, so the window works fine.

Get it as soon as wed, nov 25. A typical drum and cable window regulator assembly 10 is shown in fig. I can adjust the tension on the window regulator cable now by simply removing my aftermarket door speaker to gain access.

The original equipment window regulator fails when the cable binds because it has poor tension. The cable tensioner absorbs reversible slack in the cable differently from. Window regulator 2000 dodge dakota 4wd 4.7 v8 i just removed and replaced my driver's side window regulator, it is the scissor type, not the cable type.

Slightly tension adjustable pulley and remove the metal clip. Remove the regulator and disassemble: Untangle the mess of cable.

Oil the pulley spindles with engine oil, and grease the cable. In addition, although in coventional window regulators, tension of the wire must be adjusted in assembling the window regulator, according to the window regulator employing the device of the invention, it is easy to get the desired tension by merely winding the wire round each pulley and rotating the lever in the direction b. They control the tension when opening and closing the window.

Check for free operation of both window and. Basic window regulators which have been around since enclosed automobiles were first introduced 100. Working with the adjustable pulley, tighten the cable until all slack is removed.

The cable tensioner absorbs the reversible slack in the cable. It is to be understood that the present invention may be used with a configuration other than the drum and cable window regulator assembly shown. 1) this was the original bmw 2002 525i e39 front driver side window regulator repair diy 2) this was an update that added the window regulator a year later 3) this is yet another update that attempts to detension the window regulator

The stiffness of the first spring is greater than the stiffness of the second spring. Essentially, i wanted to increase the tension capability of the spring, so i pushed it up and placed a hose clamp around the base. The window sill gets pulled up and down by the cable.

In this illustration the repair of the window regulator on the driver side is described. Attach the window to the cable checking to see that it has full travel in both directions. A window regulator cable tensioner includes a screw and nut assembly having an irreversible thread lead angle, a first spring to absorb reversible slack in the cable, and a second spring to actuate the screw and nut assembly.

It is now providing enough tension on the cable when the window is bottomed out to keep the cable from having slack. Your next step is to remove the window glass. The springs are located on the sides of the window in the frame.

A window regulator cable tensioner includes a screw and nut assembly having an irreversible thread lead angle, a first spring to absorb reversible slack in the cable, and a second spring to actuate movement of the screw and nut assembly. Too bad for everyone that they didn't think of it. It has its flaws when compared to the arms and gear assembly, as you will find out in the next section.

If the spring becomes too loose and worn, the window may begin to slowly close on its own after having been opened. Anyone have any tips for getting the tension right on a power window regulator?. Use the adjustable pulley to tension the wound cable to the appropriate level of tightness;

4.4 out of 5 stars 4. The stiffness of the first spring is greater than the stiffness of the second spring. Driver side window is completely down and i had to buy a new cable (motor is working fine).

The assembly 10 typically includes a guide 14 secured to a door panel or structure 12 by brackets 15. Power window you can see that the regulator is really a very simple mechanism. I pushed the window glass down solidly into the … read more

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