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One popular jacket material is fep (fluorinated. The 16 awg speaker cable is our most popular and versatile speaker cable.

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Plenum cable / ˈ p l ɛ n əm / is electrical cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of buildings.

Plenum rated cable material. Raised floor or drop ceiling. Fep material has been shown to perform better in areas with higher temperatures. This special jacketing makes the cable smoke less than regular pvc cable and the smoke that is emitted is less toxic.

Please check your local building codes to see if you need plenum cable. The process by which plenum cable is made, and particularly the materials used to achieve plenum rating, have gained much of the spotlight. The word plenum refers to airspace used for air circulation by hvac system e.g.

When a fire happens, plenum rated cable is designed to: • these cables are constructed with jacket material free from halogenic materials such as chlorine and fluorine as these chemical have toxic nature when they are burned. All materials intended for use on wire and cables to be placed in.

Also worth mentioning are ‘accidental’ plenum spaces—all it takes is a leaky duct to make any open space a plenum, and it happens more than you might think. This qualifies this ceiling as a plenum ceiling, and all the cables that go through that ceiling must be plenum rated. Riser rated cable may be used in any part of your structure except the plenum.

Product definition and information about building physics information about basic material and the material’s origin description of the product’s manufacture In the united states, plastics used in the construction of plenum cable are regulated under the national fire protection association standard nfpa 90a: Any cable that you run through plenum spaces must be plenum rated, even wiring used for information transfer, like cat5 wiring.

Standard for the installation of air conditioning and ventilating systems. Wire & cable pcr 2013:1.0. Plenum cable is mandated to be installed in any air handling space.

Companies may choose plenum cable as a way to lower liabilities associated with fires because plenum cable will be the safer option in the case of a fire. General use (cm/cmg) cm rated cable is again pvc, but this time without any added fire protection. Restrict flame propagation to no more than five feet

Plenum rated cable has a special insulation that has smoke and low flame characteristics. • lszh cables are used mainly in europe. If you have a need for plenum rated cable for your application, cat 5 cable company will produce any of our cat5e patch and crossover cables using plenum material.

Shielded cable has a layer of foil that. The word plenum refers to airspace used for air circulation by hvac system e.g. The additional thing to mention about plenum rated cable is their insulation material, fep.

The material the jacket of the cable is made of is one of the most important features in defining where the cable can and can't be used. Plenum rated copper data networking cable. The word “plenum” refers to an airspace used for air circulation by an hvac system, such as a drop ceiling or a raised floor.

14/2 (14awg 2c) 105 strand/0.16mm speaker cable cl3 rated 22/4 (22awg 4c) stranded cm security cable 18/2 (18awg 2c) plenum shielded stranded cmp security cable, white jacket material. Riser rated cable is the most common jacket type found on the market and is much lower in cost. Cable that is run in the plenum spaces of buildings.

Raised floor or drop ceiling. For example, most large office buildings use the ceiling to return air to the ac unit. For instance, most large office buildings.

Insulation is the material that covers your ethernet cables copper wires. It is mandated to be installed in any “air handling” space. Insurance issues may also have an impact on the chose of plenum vs.

Date of issue period of validity 5 years contents of the declaration : When it comes to safety, don’t skimp to save a few cents. Use unshielded cable in applications where signal interference is not a concern.

Other types of cable produce toxic — and potentially deadly — smoke when burned.

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