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In the uk this cable sells for £6.25/metre at audio t. The nait5/i and 150/x have a buffered output stage so they are compatible with almost any cable there is.

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Really improved my odyssey, thiel 1.5 and rega planet system, which tended toward brightness with other wire.

Best speaker cable for naim. Naim power amplifiers do not have extra inductance networks in the output. All of the products that you will find on our site are products that have proven to be the best of the thousands of. But in the back of my mind i think i saw either audioholics or ps audio state that this cable design was really bad due to high inductance due to the split conductors.

You can find naim nac a5 speaker cable on ebay at affordable prices. Are there alternative good quality speaker cables to naim specific that can be made up with bananas? A good speaker cable (speaker wire to our american friends) can't make your system sound better than it really is, but it can and should ensure that every last drop of performance makes its way from your amplifier to your speakers.

Best cable line for naim i work for a naim dealer, and we love the naim gear, however, we have a long run 25feet of speaker cable that causes the naim gear to run too hot. When you purchase this speaker cable, you get 30 feet of speaker cable which is priced at $10. Naim audio the cable company.

And, this was the speaker we would use to test the naim audio supernait 3. It's probably a slightly more authoritarian prescence than the rega brio. Speaker cables come with spades, bananas, or pin connectors depending on the inputs on your amps and speakers.

The first twist is its ul safety certified. The naim nait 5si amp is a really nice listen with 60w/channel into 8ohm (i think. We are not big fans of naim cable.

Hi all, been toying with the idea of trying some of the van damme hifi cable. I notice that naim do a similar style also. The best sounding speaker was the habeth m30.1, which gave a beautiful smooth sound.

The speaker had an incredible range, and the price was in the middle at about 3,500 euros, which represented outstanding value. Apart from the speakers themselves (and your own ears of course), cable is the last thing that is responsible for conveying the signal from the source. Naim prefer the more elegant solution of allowing the speaker cable to provide the correct inductance and capacitance.

Naim nait xs 3 stereo amplifier (refurbished) special price £1,649.00 £2,199.00. Naim nait xs 3 stereo amplifier (ex display) special price £1,820.00 £2,199.00. And naim is right to be proud.

As for speaker cable check out tellurium q black ( a lot of positivity on naim forum,good reading. Best speaker cables 2020 buying guide: Its design is optimised for use with naim audio amplifiers and any loudspeakers by ensuring that its capacitance, inductance and resistance are entirely compatible.

The stark naked and ugly truth i think first of all it is important to realise that very few so called cable manufacturers really make their own wire and cable. The issue is what cable is stable with naim gear which wants to see a certain amount of impedance. Its 100w into 4 but dont quote me).

It's actually very similar to the last speaker cable we mentioned but it adds 2 different twists: Clear, clean, detailed and natural. That said, i have tried several cables with 5 series amps and the naim cables sound best overall in my view.

The soundstage was excellent with good dynamics and detail. Naim super lumina speaker cable. I had a chord epic twin and it was little bit bright sounding especially female vocals (rega rs5 speakers).

Featuring the audiophile lending library. This means that a really good quality speaker cable can be used to guarantee the best sound quality without it costing a fortune. The penultimate part of the musical journey is the speaker cable.

Higher end naim amps do require the minimum 3.5m a side naim cable to provide the right inductance to the amp. As such, it’s really important not only to choose the best cable you can afford but to treat it right. But overall i would say their about on same par with speaker choice.

When you are planning the route of the speaker cable it is worth, if possible, avoiding running the speaker cable alongside any mains cables and if you have to cross a mains cable, try to do so at a 90 degree angle. Another low budget option for the low budgeters out there.

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