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Considering the electrical signal flows through the cable at a significant fraction of the speed if light, it seems that speaker placement that is unequal by as little as a 1/4 inch would have a far greater negative impact on channel balance, soundstage, etc than would. Does anyone have any advice on cable length.


Ok, i've been into audio since the 70's and always have used equal length speaker cables to the right and left channels.

Audiophile speaker cable length. Help with speaker cable length. These included interconnects, speaker cables, and digital cables. 2 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter.

But the measurable differences in electrical. The morrow audio audiophile speaker cables are among the best high end speaker cables that you will find. You'll also get a delay of about 40 ns.

0.459h @ 20khzdc loop resistance: 99.9% pure oxygen free copper. Generally speaking, my preference is for longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables.

As i started with many 10 foot lengths, the overall length of the speaker cable was somewhat shorter after twisting and braiding. The below table illustrates suggested cable lengths that will ensure your cable has a resistance less than 5% of your speaker’s nominal impedance given differing gauge measurements. Which vary according to overall cable length.

Not so sure if this is an issue with newer amps and integrateds, but most dealers play it safe. The resistance can be affected by differing speaker lengths but for the front speakers where the difference in length is probably under 10 feet it will not be an issue unless using a small gauge cable. Your cable lengths between speakers should be as close to the same as possible. more often than not, i see the common question pop up in our forums regarding speaker cable length differences between two or more speakers.

Theory regarding power cable length. Worst case, you'll get a drop in amplitude of less than 0.01 db on the channel with the long cable. Maybe your front end gear is on one wall and your speakers on another.

We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. You might find quite a few audiophiles willing to endorse splashing cash on $100 or even $1,000 cables to get the most out of your new expensive setup. Folks often wonder if the cable length between the main front channels need to be identical or close to identical.

And these factors can result in measurable differences in frequency response and signal level, depending on the particular speakers and amplifiers the cables connect. The thicker a wire or the lower the gauge, the less resistance. So the option becomes placing the amplifier(s) near the speakers, requiring long interconnects, or keep all the electronics together and employing long speaker cable runs.

Wondering if it would affect sound quality if i run the cable around the back of my room (the other way) which would make the wire a lot. A braided wire requires longer wires than a twisted cable to end up with the same overall length. Or is there some real sonic advantage to using audiophile speaker cables?.

At least on vintage amps, the longer the length the better the sound. The overall length of the cable is also dependent on the style of cable you wish to have. Like all our audiophile speaker cables, the sp4 incorporates our ssi cable technology.

Speaker wire is used to make the electrical connection between loudspeakers and audio amplifiers.modern speaker wire consists of two or more electrical conductors individually insulated by plastic (such as pvc, pe or teflon) or, less commonly, rubber.the two wires are electrically identical, but are marked to identify the correct audio signal polarity. This shorter length of each version is used below when determining rs, cp, and ls on a per foot basis. “disclaimer” before discussing any component of an audio system, we need to clarify something.

The placement of the door in my room means i have to run a wire across the entrance for one of my bookshelf surrounds. Thickness is important because it allows the electricity to move around the cable. Various guides and conventional audiophile “wisdom” might point you down the road of improving the rest of your setup, right down to the cables and wires that connect devices together.

In the case of having a setup with several cables, and cables of equal length would be used, at least these picked up disturbances would arrive at the same time and thus would do less harm. Most commonly, speaker wire comes in. It is therefore a combination between speaker impedance, length and gauge that affects the resistance.

( personally tested and measured) toe in has more impact than any cable, any price, anywhere in the system and its pretty obvious We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top 10 list of best audiophile speaker […] Power cables also carry lots of disturbances besides the nice clean power.

Different wires like cl2 and cl3 speaker wires make a difference, but it comes down to length and thickness. (this includes one left speaker wire + one right speaker wire) When you say “audiophile speaker cables” you open pandora’s box.

A random 6 m xlr cable i have here has a resistance of about 0.6 ω in each of the signal wires. The 2nd and 3rd factor that make up speaker wires are its length and thickness. Delays won't be affected by speaker length unless you get to extremely long lengths, like hundreds of feet difference.

Please find all the details below through the information tabs provided. If you aren't able to buy large rolls of wire you may want to reconsider trying to make that 6m speaker cable with a tight 4 wire braid. Black /tan highlights *sold as a pair.

Vintage naim amps don’t have a zobel network, so the speaker cable acts as one, so therefore needs to be a certain spec and minimum length.

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