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Plenum rated cable has a special insulation that has smoke and low flame characteristics.

Plenum rated cable code. Plenum rated cables are used in plenum areas meant for use in commercial and residential spaces. Plenum cable / ˈ p l ɛ n əm / is electrical cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of buildings. Thus, plenum cable is suitable for installation into air plenum spaces, especially in the locations like schools and hospitals for safety concerns.

Not quite, a heating duct is a plenum space and a plenum rated cable would be required. The plenum space is an area that is used for airflow with air heating and air conditioning systems and this is found either above a room or below it, via a raised floor. It might be tempting to save pennies by.

A plenum cable’s potential to affect the conflagration in any way is essentially zero. It is mandated to be installed in any “air handling” space. If you have a need for plenum rated cable for your application, cat 5 cable company will produce any of our cat5e patch and crossover cables using plenum material.

If the plenum rated cable carries a ul trademark marking and an approval number that can be verified on ul’s website, you’re good to go. Rated nec 770 ofnp, plenum fiber optic cables are also called communications plenum cables (cmp). Plenum (cmp) are the only permitted networking cables that can be installed in areas with air flow (plenum spaces).

These cables are often referred to as pvc or polyvinyl chloride. Insurance issues may also have an impact on the chose of plenum vs. In the united states, plastics used in the construction of plenum cable are regulated under the national fire protection association standard nfpa 90a:

Also worth mentioning are ‘accidental’ plenum spaces—all it takes is a leaky duct to make any open space a plenum, and it happens more than you might think. For this reason, the code permits exposure of limited types of combustible materials used for these systems within the plenum. Cmp cables are intended for commercial environments and that’s where they should stay.

Terms to know when choosing plenum vs riser cabling. Here’s a short list of some acronyms and other terms to know when looking for plenum or riser rated cables: If you're traveling between floors, you'll have to use a riser rated cable (cmr).

Plenum fiber optic cables may be run in a duct, conduit or cable tray and deployed in air plenums. Why do i need plenum cable? Most commercial spaces will have to use either plenum or riser rated cables to meet fire safety codes.

• these cables are designed with jacket made of materials which give off low amounts of smoke. For instance, most large office buildings. By installing plenum rated cable you help ensure that your building code is met along with safety standards.

Plenum cables are specially designed and rated cables to resist fire and create less smoke when burning. Any cable that you run through plenum spaces must be plenum rated, even wiring used for information transfer, like cat5 wiring. It all boils down to safety.

The word plenum refers to airspace used for air circulation by hvac system e.g. But in what areas should you install plenum cables , and are they really necessary for your office? To determine whether cable complies with nec requirements, nfpa 262 (formerly ul910) tests for flame propagation and smoke density values of electrical and optical fiber cables used.

This is where plenum cable come in to play. Standard for the installation of air conditioning and ventilating systems. Also, check with your local building department for the regulations on putting holes into a plenum box.

And for the same reasons that you pay more for standard cat6 ethernet cable than for cat5e, plenum cat6 cable is more expensive than plenum cat5e. Installing cm, cmg, or cmr cables will exceed nec requirements. Plenum fiber optic cable has a special insulation that has low smoke and low flame characteristics.

The plenum spaces are those that lie between a drop and standard ceiling (or a similar version in the floor space) and it is this section where the air in a building circulates, thus aiding in heating and cooling functions. There are some crucial distinctions between riser and plenum rated cable bundles. Plenum cables are used specifically in the plenum space of a building.

Companies may choose plenum cable as a way to lower liabilities associated with fires because plenum cable will be the safer option in the case of a fire. Installing cables in the plenum space can provide a number of benefits if done with proper intent. The code recognizes that the plenum space is often used to accommodate components of other building systems, such as electrical, plumbing, fire protection, communication and mechanical.

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