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I am currently using the official link cable as i bought it in hopes that it would fix the issue, but it still persists. Using extension cables can give you this same length.

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$79 usd * play the best of both worlds with oculus link.

Oculus link cable reddit. According to a reddit post from an anonymous, but confirmed, oculus. The problem with this idea is usb 3.0 extension cables can. That's pretty rough for a single cord, and is 20% of a oculus quest's msrp.

For my tests, i have used the amazon basics cable, that many people have advised me to use. Oculus is now selling the oculus link cable and it comes in at a steep $80. Accessing pc vr content via your standalone headset just became exponentially easier.

Access the rift library with your quest 2. Application performances playing the pc version of robo recall on my quest was amazing! Share facebook twitter google+ reddit whatsapp pinterest email.

If it was the problem of the oculus link cable then everyone would be having the same problem and they aren't. If your oculus link cable works, it will appear as the following: Quest 2 elite strap with battery and carrying case.

Peter graham 8587 posts 0 comments. We recommend using a usb 3 c to c with proven performance. At launch the feature only supported usb 3.0 cables, which somewhat awkwardly.

If you'd like to use oculus link to connect your quest to a pc, please start by reviewing the compatibility requirements. Text in bold are crucial parts of setting up link to play. Oculus link was recently updated to support the usb 2.0 cable that comes included with oculus quest, but you may need to opt into the beta version of the oculus desktop software.

You can purchase the oculus link cable from the oculus.com accessories page. Luckily there's alternatives and you don't. Due to high demand, however, oculus' official solution has been extremely.

Pay $0.00 $19.99 upon approval for the amazon prime rewards visa card. Oculus link cable specifications and recommendations. Quest 2 carrying case included.

Oculus quest can function as a pc vr headset with the oculus link feature which was introduced in beta late last year. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you want to connect your oculus quest to your pc, it looks like the upcoming oculus link cable won’t be your only option.

Disconnect the link cable at both ends.; I do have an external gpu setup, though. Press j to jump to the feed.

Whilst i don't doubt you, i have a msi trident 3 with a gtx1060 aero in it, and link for the most part plays ok. By peter graham last updated mar 30, 2020. Both oculus rift software and oculus quest software are ver.

Turn on your quest and your pc. The official website is somewhat vague with the requirements for an oculus link cable. Connect your quest to your pc using a suitable cable, that must end with a usb c on the quest side and a usb c or usb a on the pc side, depending on the port you think plugging it in;

You must put your cable in a usb 3.0 port, they usually appear blue like the picture below, the black ones are usb 2.0 and won't work. The oculus rift s cable is 5 meters, as is the upcoming official oculus link cable. It is plugged into the virtual link port on my rtx 2070, although i've tried other ports.

(the charging cable that comes bundled with the quest is not compatible as it is a usb 3.0. That’s the same length as the tethered oculus rift s cable, and only slightly shorter than the valve index cable. The official oculus link subreddit.

Not doing them or not doing them correctly will result in oculus link not working. The official oculus link cable is five meters, or around 16 feet. Be sure that on pc the oculus app is running;;

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