Negative Battery Cable Getting Hot

Next, take a voltmeter and check the dc voltage at the battery posts and then the post connectors with the car running and the positive post off the. Model# 917 273750 craftsman 2000.

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I cooled it down with the wet towel, tightened up the nut (which was loose because of the lead melting underneath the cable) and drove it home, stopping frequently to cool it down and retighten.

Negative battery cable getting hot. Sometimes the cable still looks good but inside the copper will. If an end is getting hot it has a loose or insufficient connection. The charger is also connected directly to the motor though the wire is somewhat smaller than the battery cable, it is best to check it also.

If you have a bad connection on either the positive or negative cables the one with the bad connection will get hot when trying to carry current while cranking the engine. (connecting electrical devices or hardware directly to a battery negative post is a bad idea (no matter who tells you to do it) unless the negative. If the terminals are not clean …there’s a thin film of corrosion that’s formed on the clam.

A vehicle that is getting poor performance from its battery can look to a number of causes, but a common cause is a corroded battery cable that is high in resistance. My car has 118000 miles. To me warm or hot wire means high resistance in the wire or in the electric motor you are trying to operate.

Ensure that the connection is intact and has not come undone or become loose. I've never seen an auto battery cable that wasn't a ring clamp as shown in the final pictures. The positive side of the battery cable is directly connected to the starter motor so there is a possibility that the motor is shorted.see also if the wire is touching the ground.

Bad connections build resistance and resistance to current flow builds heat. Negative side of battery cables getting very hot make shure your battery wires are in good shape and are lager enuff to handle the amount amprage you are trying to draw through them. Unplug the alternator and see if it goes out.

Wait a couple of days after you. Both positive and negative battery cables get smoking hot when car is turning over and while started. The car seemed fine, i only noticed it because i needed to borrow the battery for a different volvo and that car ran it fine.

You can buy a lot of arc welding sets that will weld steel which run off a car battery. Your cables could be getting hot for a couple of reasons. It appears that water somehow infiltrates the covering of the cable and rots out the cable from the inside.

Engine fires and dies, then no power to even turn the motor over, wires smoking by then. Report this by manage my life. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next > aug 28, 2011 #1.

Check the two wires from the battery to the frame, the ground wire, and the starter, the hot wire. I was charging on 10 amp setting and the battery wasnt taking a charge very well. Replaced starter and checked starter wire for possible shorts, no luck.

Would a bad solenoid cause battery cable to get real hot when trying to crank a lawnmower? It’s the biggest electrical load placed on the battery. At battery terminals i have had this happen before.

Often times a weak or lose electrical connection will cause power to arc and create heat. Why would my positive battery cable and clamps get so hot you cant even touch them, the rubber insulation is getting so hot its on the verge of melting. Somewhere there is too much resistance in the cable.

So you might get by with cleaning the battery & wire really well then drilling a new hole or filing to old one enough to get purchase with a nut bolt and some washers. I would look at the battery instead of the charger. Highway robbery if you asked me.

When the cable becomes loose, you will start experiencing all types of electrical problems. Get more answers from the people in your networks. Clean the other end of the cable and the bolt where it grounds.

Will spin over but not crank and cable gets real hot. If that doesn't help you may have a bad solenoid. If this is the case, secure the cable firmly just like how you did when establishing the connection for the first time.

There is no engine light on battery light not on the car is running but the negative battery cable is smoking and hot.please help. Make sure the negative cable is in good condition, tight, corrosion free, and has a good ground at the engine block. I wonder why golf cart battery.

We fixed the truck by replacing the battery cable. Battery charger wires getting hot. Battery fully charge and brand.

Disconnect the positive cable from the battery terminal and use a test light to bridge the circuit. The wire comes all the way from the negative battery terminal and is connected to the chassis. A negative ground cable from the battery to the engine should not get hot if it is the correct size, large enough gauge (dia.) and not too long.

Sharing the negative battery lead to engine bolt with anything else or connecting directly to the battery negative post with anything except the block and chassis grounds is a terrible idea. To an extent, it is normal for an alternator to get somewhat hot, but the negative cable should not. Check your ground from the battery also, clean them all.

My negative battery cable is smoking and is hot on the battery terminal when the car is running.i just put a new battery in last week but noticed a burning smell from the engine today. Another reason that your battery wire is getting overheated is its resistance. The battery cable is probably getting hot because the amperage is passing through it directly, probably with little or no load (i.e.

May be a loose connection in the cable ends or possibly the cable has deteriorated along the cable somewhere. Negative battery cable gets hot,no start discussion in 'electrical systems' started by amp, aug 28, 2011. A bad or loose cable connection can cause it to get hot.

The ground cable is an important component of the car’s electrical system. The problem for me was the battery was old and the charger wasnt very well regulated. Anyone have any ideas as to why my negative battery cable is getting so hot while the engine is running?

That is why the first symptom that you will likely notice when it comes to a failing battery cable will be problems getting the car started. As the others have stated, the starter draws a large amount of current from the battery; What i suggest you do first it this.

In some cases, it is referred to as the negative battery cable. Depending on where it gets hot should indicate where the problem is.

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