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Lats (aka latissimus dorsi) is a muscle that runs from the back of your shoulders down to your hips, responsible for posture. And that’s for good reason.

Reversegrip lat pulldown exercise Cable workout, Good

Pull hard with your elbows, not your lower back.

Cable back exercises lats. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to wider, bigger lats! The seated cable row is another favorite back exercise with cable. It works the primary muscles specifically the lats, mid back, and traps.

Sit on the bench and keep your back straight. Grab hold of the cable handles with palms facing each other. Try these lat exercises during your back workout routine.

Increase the load gradually and avoid the temptation to sacrifice form. Do this movement for 4 sets of 6 repetitions. Instead, try to focus on squeezing your lat muscles, and drawing your power from your entire back region.

A variation of the previous exercises you perform with. But there are a host of exercises that can get the job done. Get a full stretch in the extended position of this exercise by allowing your lats to stretch forward.

The resisted rotation fires up your lats and increases core activation that prepares your body to perform better in all exercises. Vertical pulling exercises work the forearms, biceps, rear delts, and other muscles of the mid/lower back. This isn’t a vertical pulling exercise in the traditional sense because it is more isolation than.

As mentioned earlier, injuries to the lats and other back muscles can be debilitating. The lats are a large flat muscle that has origin points at the mid and lower spine, the iliac crest (pelvis), and the ribs. You’ll need to balance these exercises to make sure you build.

There’s a lot to say about building wider lats. If you have trouble maintaining a flat back, consider a split stance (inside foot back) while placing your outside elbow across your outside knee for added back support. There’s also some emphasis on secondary muscles like the posterior delts and biceps.

Set the cables at the bottom of the cable machine. Alternative grips such as, narrow […] See more ideas about back exercises, gym workouts, back workout.

What makes it even more valuable is the fact that it uses a cable machine. Featured exercises seated cable row difficulty: Be sure you engage your core and that you squeeze your lats during this exercise.

Sit with your back straight on the machine and grip the. Stand facing a cable stack with a straight bar attached to the high pulley. Having a muscular back make you look more aesthetic and improves other all other compound lifts.

Click to share on facebook (opens in new window). The seated cable row primarily targets your lats and rhomboids (muscles between your shoulder blades). See more ideas about back exercises, fitness body, back workout.

Take a holistic approach to your back workout routine and develop the complete back you've always wanted. The cable pulldown is one of the most commonly performed exercises that you’ll see at any gym. Engage lats and pull handles out to the sides with elbows slightly bent.

Standing in the middle of the machine, hinge your hips forwards with a slight bend in the knees. The initial position can be different. It is important to reduce the blades and not to sway.

Next, return to the starting position. Slowly lower the handle back. Get the lats into a fully lengthened position, then go into a fully shorted position, and your lats will work in conjunction with the upper back.

The grip can be wide or narrow using v bar. When choosing exercises for your upper back, choose a variety of high pulling exercises, like rows and reverse flyes. Vertical pulling exercises take the lats through a huge range of motion and will hammer them hard.

Teres major, rhomboids, traps (upper, middle, and lower), and the posterior delts count here too. The muscles primarily responsible for creating thickness are the upper back muscles: If you want to create a 3d back, you need both shoulder adduction and extension exercises.

Here's a complete list of the best back exercises, categorized by upper back, lower back, lats, and organized by equipment: The load will vary but will focus on the back muscles. Lat pulldown the lat pulldown is a core mechanic of most back and lat workouts.

Try not to cheat by using your body weight to aid you in lifting the weight down. Pull the cable into your chest while your back is straight. You can sit on a bench or on the floor.

Your elbows will bend while performing this movement. It’s excellent for developing your lats and back muscles in general, plus it’ll muscle to the arms. Dumbbell back exercises, barbell back exercises, and lat exercises.

Then lean back, arching the lower back, and perform a row into the lower abs.

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