Amp Power Cable Fuse Keeps Blowing

I recently switched out the head unit from a discontinued sony xplod to a jensen phase linear uv7i. I think a short to ground would cause the fuse to blow and the only major things in this system that is capable of blowing a 100amp fuse are the cables, alternator.

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It occurs when a circuit is attempting to draw a greater electrical load than it is intended to carry.

Amp power cable fuse keeps blowing. The wrong type of fuse was installed. An overloaded circuit is the most common reason for a circuit breaker tripping. Additionally, why does my 15a fuse keep blowing?

Something keeps blowing the 100amp fuse that is apart of the cable system connecting the alternator with the battery. It also happen last week with a power cut to the road and when the power came back on the fuse blew. Yes the 8.5 kilowatt does need a 45 amp fuse.

Here are the amp, wire/fuse, and sub woofers being used: It is destroying the fuse holder and very likely damaging other equipment in the fuse box. Postflop, 28 feb 2012, in forum:

So, i replaced it again, and disconnected all cables from the power supply board before plugging the set in, but it still blew. The fuse is glowing hot while you are showering. If you or someone else installed the wrong fuse in a fuse panel and there has been no personal harm or property.

When the volume was raised, almost all the way up, that's when the amp shut off (blown fuse). ( the smell is a chemical evaporating from the plastic ). But whatever you do, don’t even think about replacing the cigarette lighter fuse with a higher amp fuse.

I'm pretty sure this is the problem because the whole system worked fine before the switch. The only way to fix it so that your cigarette lighter fuse stops blowing is to check each possible point of failure until you identify the issue. Depending on the nature of your problem, replacing the fuse with a higher amp version could.

A couple of weeks ago my amp stopped working. I wasn't even able to solid connection to the spade/ring terminals because there just wasn't enough cable there. My yamaha xvs1100 vstar would not crank over this morning.

When i got the shipment today, the box said 4 gauge but obviously it was a lot smaller. I replaced it, but the new fuse blew the moment the set was plugged in, so the fuse blowing was not a fluke. It blows when i attach the positive end of the battery cable.

Rockford fosgate rfp3210 punch he2 400rms dvc the power and ground wires are 8 gauge. The display has no power. So the cause must be in the main card.

Under hood fuse holder is rockford. We have had the power trip in the house a couple of times lately due to another appliance. The sub power led lights up red, then immediately starts making a loud buzzing sound, followed by shutting off.

It also needs 45 amp cable from the fuse box to the shower. A fuse is an important electrical component inserted in circuits, and you get blown to prevent damage to an expensive component. It is made to fail so that the more expensive components stay intact.

I have a ring video doorbell pro, installed directly to a 24v 1a transformer with a power pro cable. The fuse maybe overloaded on full power so over a period of time may become hot while the shower is running, it's there to protect the wiring not the shower though. I checked the battery has 10.58 volts.

I have disconnected my battery and installed the fuse and when i connected the battery the fuse blew. Got a clarion apx2180 amp and when i connect the ground, power and remote to the amp, the fuse blows on the amp right when i turned on. If it is blowing the house fuse then most likely it is the power supply since if it was a component it should blow the psu fuse first.

I have tried another sub, rca's and the adapter i am using for the rca's and it still blows. Power cables, or any cable for that matter, should only ever be routed through the firewall with an. It is made to fail so that the more expensive components stay intact.

(should be a 13 amp) but since it appears to be the cable. Before a fuse gets to blow, it comes with a rating in terms of current amperes. The minute you hook the sub up the fuse on the power cable for the amp blows.

Fuses come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations. Every time the power is restored it blows the fuse in the power pro cable. The amplifier itself has two 30 amp fuses in it.

I ordered the legacy amp kit from I jumped it from my auto but accidently connected the cable in reverse order. When i disconnect the cable a and b, the fuse blow but when i disconnect the cable c, it didn't blow (see photo).

I did tests by isolating some parts. I have a 1994 honda civic 2dr ex with two jl w3's version 1's, a 1. I have a pretty powerful amp (audiobahn a2200hct) which is connected by what i thought were going to be 4 gauge wires.

Before we get to understand why the fuse keeps on blowing, let's get to know more what a fuse is all about. When too many appliances or light fixtures are operating at the same time, the internal sensing mechanism in the circuit breaker heats up, and the breaker trips, usually by means of a spring. The amp will power up just fine without the sub hooked up to it.

The latch actuator assembly has been replaced. The problem is i am often. Take the following steps to diagnose the problem:

I place the new fuse in the fuse holder, secure the fuse holder cap, then plug in a standard 110v power cable into the wall. Ideally, the fuse should match the current draw of the amp, as well as the combined values of the power and ground cables, which means that the cabling must match the current draw of the amp. I have also checked the 10 amp fuse located in slot 19 and it is good.

Many look similar but actually have very different functions. I checked wiring and fuse but didn't seem to find a problem. I remove the fuse holder cap, and am faced with yet another blown fuse.

The immediate answer i can tell you without seeing the schematics and details is that your load is drawing too much current, and therefore your fuse blows each time. Hi guys, i have had my raptor about a week now, and since i bought it i have had the same problem, everytime i start the quad the 30 amp fuse keeps blowing, i have put in about 10 new fuses now, i was told it was because i was keeping my finger on the electric start to long, but i dont do tht no more and it still keeps on blowing fuses, i phoned up the person i bought it from and he reckons it. It sparked at the terminals so i saw the problem and corrected.

The fuse is located just after the power supply cable. Fuses usually blow due to hi. I have an 8 gauge wire running from my car battery to my amp with a 30 amp.

I have it set up bridged. Monitor it and if it keeps tripping, call an electrician to check.

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