George L Cables Vs Mogami

From instrument (electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, pedal, keyboard, speaker) and microphone cable for live and studio performances, snake, accessory, to patch and studio recording interface cable, mogami is unmatched for accuracy, extremely low noise, ease of installation, and flexibility. I have never seen published specifications on ready mades.

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I use george l's.155 right angles for all my short pedalboard patches and then two mogami / neutrik 12' or 20' cables from last stereo effects processor to stereo amp or dual amps.

George l cables vs mogami. All assembled cables come with stress relief jackets covering the connection of the plug to the cable. Along with other artists, ej helped this small scale guitar cable maker gain reach a wider audience, eventually making them one of the most sought after guitar cable brands. I'll cut to the chase and say that i'm probably going to.

The monster rock cable, in comparison to the mogami, sounded a little muddier and a little bit hollowish, as if there was some slight phasing issue. $75) hides a reed selector switch inside one connector, which shorts the signal the moment that it disconnects from its jack. Mogami (neglex), canare and belden all make very high quality cable.

“george l’s solderless cables are like a lizard that loses its tail when caught and can live to see another day. The kit comes with 10 feet of george l’s cable and 10 connectors and caps, enough to make 5 cables. Mogami cable is the top choice for studio professionals and touring bands.

Exist cables very bad, with bad sound. Livewire instrument cables for direct bass. They are roughly the same price.

What guitar cables you can recommend me. Mogami is really, really good for i/cs or speaker cable. If interested, i suggest you contact 10audio or zenproaudio who are mogami experts.

The george l’s are good low capacitance cables. Mogami w2552 is also good for headphone cable. There is a guy on ebay who makes custom length cables from mogami cable with neutrik ends for a reasonable price, sorry forgot the seller name.

Cardas 4x24 is my favorite for. This eliminates the agonizing sound of a live instrument change, without requiring any additional steps from the musician. Learn how to use a soldering gun or iron.

I confessed my love of mogami cables in that forum — i have had a 100% mogami cables setup — and that was an expensive proposition. Now you can have that clean, clear sound that you have heard on countless recordings. Choose your options and analogman will assemble your cables for you!

When it comes to gear, tone connoisseur and virtuoso eric johnson (ej) knows his stuff, and him using george l's is a big deal. Be careful, don't get in a rush, and your cables will be as good and reliable, if not more so, as any you can buy, and cheaper. Which should i go with?

Is it worth it to drop the 80 dollars on them or just go with che. The same holds true for mogami’s platinum series, but as mogami cable is sometimes considered the cadillac (or perhaps more aptly, the lexus lfa) of premium guitar cables, similarities start to diverge with the pf. The mogami gold series cable is a very, very good sounding cable which uses quality of cable design.

The mogami gold silent r (appx. I want a really good guitar cable. I was gonna purchase the w2549 or w2944 for a bunch of rack interconnects, but now i've been hearing great stuff about gotham audio cables.

George l’s solderless cables are like a lizard that loses its tail when caught and can live to see another day. Hi, i'm looking a guitar cable. Use good connectors and cable.

It took less than a minute to cut the cable and reinstall the end.” fender instrument cables are generally perceived as “budget” or “inferior” cables. I looked at some neglex the other day, and it is a little thinner than the canare and belden i have. It took less than a minute to cut the cable and reinstall the end.

I use all conductors like this: You don't lose highs in george l's the way you do with other cables, either. Hosa technology’s elite series model hovers around 21 pf, which theoretically places it in the sonic ballpark of george l’s.

You won't be able to hear a difference between them, so go with whatever lies on the floor best for you. One mogami cable can cost $150.00usd and you certainly need more than one. We are grateful to the world’s top musicians and studios for using george l's products.

George l’s effects kit (black cable, nickle right angle plugs) review. Mogami first, 2nd is gibsons latest high end cable then george l's are my top 3, however i currently use van damme with neutriks as they are more affordable for multiple short length cables. Cables are tone tweaker additions to any connection.

My thoughts on mogami vs. I get a sound stage improvement from the extra wires supporting each connection. They sound fine, but they're a little thin for me.

I have some mogami cables that i like. The mogami cable sounded balanced and had nice weight without being muddy. However, after the pedalboard, or between pedals, i'd say the george l's would be fine.

They can advise you as to the appropriate mogami cable series for your i/cs or speaker cables (very nice folks as well). Our cables have been honored by every major publication in the music industry and continue to win numerous awards.

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